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Page Moss Surgery


Important Changes to your GP Practice – Update Information 20th July 2016

Following the letter that was sent to you in May 2016 from Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group which informed you that our practice had made a request to close Aston Healthcare Page Moss branch. We would like to update our patients on the outcome of this request.

As you will be aware during the period of proposed change, the practice undertook comprehensive direct engagement with our patients via information events and surveys.

The patient feedback was shared with Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group and we are now writing to inform you that on 7th July 2016, Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group approved the planned changes.

This means that with effect from 3rd August 2016, Aston Healthcare Page Moss branch will close and from the 4th August 2016 you will no longer be registered with Aston Healthcare Page Moss branch for your GP services.

We have written directly to all of our registered patients and if you need this information in an alternative format, such as easy read, braille or an alternative language please telephone the practice who will arrange this for you.

What choices do patients have in regard to receiving GP primary healthcare? – You have three options: -
Option 1 - Stay at the same building using primary care services
You can if you wish be assigned to Cornerways Medical Centre, which is the neighbouring practice in the same building at North Huyton Primary Care Resource Centre. You will continue to have access to all of the services you have received from Aston Healthcare Page Moss in the past but will be managed by a new team of GP, Nursing and Administration staff. If you wish to take this option, you do not need to take any action, your patient registration will automatically transfer to Corneways Medical Centre. Information about the practice is within the factsheet.

Option 2 - Move with the Aston Healthcare Page Moss GP (Dr Sandeep) and staff to receive primary care services
During our engagement with patients, a number of Page Moss patients stated they would wish to remain registered with their current GP, Dr Sandeep and move to where Dr Sandeep and other staff are relocating to. The Aston Healthcare Page Moss branch team (including Dr Sandeep) are moving to Aston Healthcare Manor Farm branch at Manor Farm Road, Huyton, L36 0UB. If you wish to take this option, you will need to inform us by telephone or letter no later than 27th July 2016 to organise your registration transfer to Manor Farm branch of Aston Healthcare on your behalf. The information and contact details of Aston Healthcare Manor Farm is within the factsheet.

Option 3 – Register with a new GP in the local area
You can register with another GP practice in the area. If you prefer this option, you will need to register as a patient at your preferred practice. Details on how to register with another GP and a list of all the GP practices in the local area that are currently accepting new patients is in the factsheet.

If you have any questions regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to contact the practice 0151 489 2888 or call into the practice at Page Moss.

0151 489 2888 / 0151 511 5925
0151 489 8382

Open 8:00am - 6.30pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
8.00am - 8.00pm - Tuesday

For more information about other local health services please visit the Knowsley Primary Care Trust web site at

Medical Staff

  • Counsellor

    The Counsellor is available at the surgery and provides a support mechanism for various problems, this service is by appointment only.

  • District Nurse

    The District Nursing team provide care to patients in the community who are unable to attend surgery due to illness.

  • GP

    The practice currently employs one full-time GP and one part-time Nurse Clinician.

  • Midwife

    The Midwife holds antenatal clinics on Thursday afternoons. Advice on all aspects of antenatal care, childbirth and coping with a newborn child is offered. An Ultrasound clinic is available onMonday afternoons.

  • Practice Nurse and Nurse Clinicians

    We currently have a Practice Nurse who can see patients for the following; diabetes, asthma, blood pressure monitoring, well person checks, cervical smears, immunisations, travel and health advice. Consultations with the practice nurse are available every day of the week.